I'm running from Miami to Santa Monica to raise awareness for blockchain technology and the homeless epidemic in America.

  • Hi, I'm Jason King. Blockchain evangelist

    and advocate for homeless rights.

    On April 9th, 2019, I'm going to run across the North American continent. Miami to Santa Monica.

    Who are you?

    I'm Jason King.

    I've been involved in the bitcoin/blockchain space since 2010. Currently, I'm the co-founder at the Kingsland School of Blockchain (Kingsland University, Atlanta, GA) But, for a lot of people in the industry, I got known for my work in promoting blockchain for humanitarian use cases. In 2013, I founded Sean's Outpost. The first primarily bitcoin funded charity. To date, Sean's Outpost has fed over a quarter million meals to the homeless using bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Sean's Outpost went on to found Satoshi Forest Sanctuary, a 9 acre homeless campground in Pensacola, FL that provides a safe space for those in need (more about Satoshi Forest Later) I also founded Unsung.org, an app that's like uber for feeding the homeless, connecting leftover food from grocery stores, restaurants, caterers with those in need.

    Why are you running across the country?

    Actually, I've already done this before.

    In 2014, I ran from Miami, FL to San Francisco California, raising awareness for Bitcoin and the homeless epidemic in America (WIRED - CNET). I called it BitcoinAcrossAmerica. This is my 5 year anniversary of running across the North American continent. Five years later, my commitment to promoting blockchain technology (the space is way more than bitcoin now) and fighting the homeless epidemic in America is stronger than ever. So I'm running again. Raising awareness for the things I care about and also proving to myself that I can still do it :)


    (Photo: The end of my 3,237 Mile run, AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA: 2014)

    Why blockchain?

    The most disruptive technology of our time.

    Remember the first time you downloaded a song or a video game and how after that, buying a cd or game disk seemed like a waste of time? Blockchain technology is doing the same thing for finance and banking. Blockchain is changing everything (yes that's a bit hyperbolic), I believe it's going to underpin most of how the world interacts with itself. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies were the first wave. Today they are being used to fight hyperinflation in countries like Venezuela. Allowing individuals to take back their personal financial power from those that would marginalize them. In the next wave, smart contracts and distributed applications will bring a new era of transparency and accountability to governments and organizations around the globe. I love this stuff. So I love getting it attention.

    Why homelessness?

    Land of the free. Home of the brave and destitute.

    Each year, 3.5 million Americans experience homelessness (National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty) This is just obscene. And to pour salt in the wound, most cities have passed some sort of ordinance criminalizing the act or circumstances surrounding BEING homeless. As Ghandi said "A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members." And on the subject of dealing with homelessness, we haven't been very great. I don't think most people are heartless. I think they are just unaware of the gravity of the situation. So I try to raise awareness.


    (Photo: Me talking food insecurity at the World Bank HQ: 2016)

    Why run?

    People love a spectacle

    There's lots of things you can do to raise awareness. But to get heard in the signal vs noise of today's world, you gotta find a way to stand out. Stupid human tricks, work. Last time I ran, I got a decent about of national attention for the cause(s). The blockchain industry has matured dramatically over the past few years. I believe this time has a chance to raise even more attention. Plus, I turn 40 this year and it's a better mid-life crisis than a sports car.

    Are you raising money?

    I am. For SatoshiForest.com

    Satoshi Forest Sanctuary Incorporated, is a 9 acre campground in Pensacola, FL. It was created in response to a series of anti-homeless laws enacted by the local government. Since 2013 it has provided a safe, clean, natural environment for the homeless in the area to regroup and get their lives in order without judgement or persecution. Satoshi Forest consistently has a rate of "graduation" (returning to a stable home environment) that is significantly higher than the other shelters and organizations in the area. I believe it is a reproducible model that could have a real impact on fighting homelessness in the US. So I'm raising money to support their mission. Well, I'm a co-founder so I suppose "our" mission would be more accurate. SatoshiForest.org is a 501c3 registered charity and all donations received are tax deductible.

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    I'll be dumping my thoughts and updates here

    April 16, 2019
    So, I had a scare yesterday (and Saturday night). Soon after crossing the 100 mile mark for my journey I felt a sudden pain in my upper left thigh/glut. Somehow I've made it to my 40th birthday without any hamstring issues ever. This is my first. And man, fuck hamstring injuries.   I was in the...
    April 9, 2019
    In 2013, when I had just started feeding the homeless with Sean's Outpost, I met a middle aged homeless gentleman one day. He explained to me that he and his dog had just walked from Portland, Oregon to Pensacola, Florida. No plan. No support. Just one foot in front of the other until they had...
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    I'm running from Miami to Santa Monica, raising money for


    (A 501c3 registered charity)


    Using Coinpayments.net, you can donate all of the top cryptocurrencies to this wonderful cause and help fight homelessness. (Or use PayPal/Credit Cards directly at SatoshiForest.org)

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