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Or, the oft over looked dangers of a runners high

So, I had a scare yesterday (and Saturday night). Soon after crossing the 100 mile mark for my journey I felt a sudden pain in my upper left thigh/glut. Somehow I've made it to my 40th birthday without any hamstring issues ever. This is my first. And man, fuck hamstring injuries.


I was in the zone running, in what would be referred to as a runners high. Not paying much attention to my footing on uneven terrain and then POW. Pain. A little at first, but then it radiated out with each step. I was positive I tore it. And getting sidelined so close to the start of this journey was all I could think about. I slept on it and the pain was less in the morning but still there.


Fortunately, it looks like I just strained it a little and didn't tear it. If this is what a strain is like, I can't imagine what a tear is. Cryotherapy, saunas, and rest. This morning it feels immensely better. But, I'm going to take a few days off to make sure it heals properly. Then I'll probably go straight walking for a few days before gradually turning the speed up again.


I am grateful to have not really hurt myself here. And am even more committed to finishing this endeavor. Even if I felt old for the first time in my life. While I may be a little embarrassed about having put beating my previous time crossing in jeopardy, I realized that's silly.


Santa Monica, I'll see you when I see you. But I will see you.


Viva la Blockchain,



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