In 2013, when I had just started feeding the homeless with Sean's Outpost, I met a middle aged homeless gentleman one day. He explained to me that he and his dog had just walked from Portland, Oregon to Pensacola, Florida. No plan. No support. Just one foot in front of the other until they had walked all the way across the country. It was on that day that I first started tinkering with the idea of running across the country myself. If this guy could do it, surely I could.

The next year, I did just that. I ran across from Miami, Florida to San Francisco, California. Running across the country is a funny thing, the haters come out in droves. While I was running I would get daily messages saying that the pace I was keeping was too slow and that I was a fat loser that should just give up. After I finished, I was told that it was physically impossible for me to have crossed the continent as fast as I did. In true haters form, they want it both ways.

To hell with the haters.

Under only my own power, I crossed the North American continent. It's not a race, it's a destination. For the record, the fastest time crossing the continent currently sits at 42 days, 6 hours, 30 mins (WOWZA). Last time I ran I crossed it in 112 days. Some people have taken more than a year to do it. But they did it. Annually, it is estimated that between 12 - 20 people attempt to run across the US. (over 800 attempt to climb everest). You can find records of about 400 people who have accomplished it (4000 for Everest). Obviously, that number has to be higher, because people originally got to California somehow. But you get the picture, it's an undertaking. And like the original settlers, some just got to Denver and said fuck it.

As I write this, I plan on setting forth on my second foot hustle across the USA in the morning. Here's my rules for my run. Start: Foot in the water of the atlantic Ocean on Miami Beach. Cross the entirety of the North American continent under only my own power. I'll mostly be running, but there will definitely be a lot of walking, hobbling, and possibly some crawling or swimming (I swam across the Colorado river into California last time). I will take days off to rest, or to speak at conferences, etc...but I will always return to the spot I left off and continue from there. Finish: foot in the water of the Pacific Ocean at the Santa Monica Pier. All days off I take count against my total time crossing the continent. So If my total time running is 105 days but I goto bermuda for a week in the middle, sorry Jason, 112 days again. My GOAL is to finish in under 100 days. With my work commitments and speaking engagements, this might be rough. But I think I can do it. I'll consider it a success if I cross in 111 days...This is not true, I will consider it a success if I cross the continent. How many two time continent crossers do you know?

I'll be crossing the lower section of the US, roughly following the US-90/I-10 route. Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California. Highlighted cities I will be passing thru:

Ft Lauderdale
Boca Raton
West Palm
Port Saint Lucie
Vero Beach
Cocoa Beach
Tampa (day trip, not on run path)
Panama City
Gulf Port
New Orleans (day trip, not on run path)
Baton Rouge
Lake Charles
San Antonio
Austin (day trip, not on run path)
El Paso
Desert Center
Las Vegas (day trip, not on run path)

Palm Springs
San Bernardino
West Covina
Santa Monica

I'll be meeting up with blockchain enthusiasts and crypto hopefuls in every town I pass thru. Feel free to reach out if you're on the route.

And remember, I'm running to raise money for, a truly scalable solution to dealing with homelessness. So if you are enjoying watching the stupid human trick of me running across the US, please give to this great org (it's tax deductible).

Well, I'm heading to sleep. I've got a busy day ahead of me (It's 2am, lol)

Viva la Blockchain


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